Adam Bazalgette, 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year
My Pick:
The Swing Coach Club
In all my years of teaching, I've seen all kinds of training aids. And you know; I don't recommend much
But I believe that this club is an actual breakthroughCheck out this video to see what I mean...
One of the Best Swing Improvement Tools I've Ever Seen!
  • Helps You Get Better FAST!
  • Just 15 Minutes a Day - Indoors or Out!
  • Like Having ME In Your Bag!
A Better Swing in Just 15-30 Minutes a Day... GUARANTEED!
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Here’s why I LOVE the Swing Coach Club, and you will too
FACT: When you play with your friends, score isn’t always important. But if you're like most people; the game is simply more fun when you play well. The Swing Coach Club will help you get more joy from your golf game by helping you...

Remove the #1 obstacle to getting better fast

The thing that prevents most golfers from getting better is the urge to “hit the ball” instead of focusing on the swing itselfThe Swing Coach Club eliminates that with its patented technology.

Use the very best way to learn a better golf swing... 

by FEELING it…
There is simply no better way to develop a good swing and release than to feel it.  You'll get better – fast – with Swing Coach’s Load, Swing, Feel approach. 

Enjoy the time tested benefits of a proven swing drill...

The most effective drill of all time may be the "club throwing drill”; literally throwing golf clubs towards a target. The Swing Coach Club gives you all the benefits of this proven method, without the danger and hassle of picking up your golf clubs from the range.

Take the mystery out of the most elusive part of the golf swing…

Helps you solve the biggest mystery of your golf swing; the release. With instant feedback on every swing, you will see and feel exactly where your release is every time. The visual and kinetic feedback is like having me helping you along.
Here's what you can learn in just ONE brief session with the Swing Coach Club…
After Just 45 Mins!
  •  Proper sequence of body motions:
The Swing Coach Club removes the need to "hit the ball". This allows your body to swing naturally. By simply focusing on the target, your body's own instincts take over.
  •  Weight transfer:
The body's own intelligence will teach you how and when to transfer your weight to put the ball on target. This will also help you create a balanced swing and maximize power.
  •  Inside swing path:
Because you're able to focus on the target instead of "hitting the ball", your perfect swing path emerges naturally, as if it's always been there
  •  Ideal rhythm and tempo:
As your body learns what it feel like to work together, you will ingrain your ideal rhythm and tempo. You've heard the pros talk about it, and now you can FEEL it for yourself. 
  •  Square club face through impact:
Because you're FEELING the precise moment to release the ball, you are also instilling a perfectly square club face through impact into your swing.
    See What Other Pros Have to Say...
    Martin Chuck

    Golf Channel Faculty Member and Tour Striker Golf Academy Founder

    “With Swing Coach, you can develop your FEELS. You can develop that acceleration - that sense of (swing) freedom you need to go from top of backswing to gradually increasing your speed to the moment where it counts at impact - where the club face, club path and (timing) makes the most sense for your best shots.”
    Adam Bazalgette

    3 Time PGA Teacher of the Year and Scratch Golf Academy Founder

    "I think it's a terrific product that takes golf learning in a very positive direction."
    Dean Reinmuth

    PGA Tour Player Coach and Top 50 Golf Digest Instructor for 20 Years

    "I’ve been instructing golf for over 40 years, and no other product can help you learn the feel of the proper swing and proper sequence of motion like the Swing Coach club. You’ll develop the proper muscle memory required to make your best shots over and over. At home or on the range, your Swing Coach is always with you - it’s like having me, in your bag."
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